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APP Design
Brief Intro
AHAYA is a mobile application for people who are fond of design and originality, providing a platform for sharing ideas in the form of images and collaborating on artworks.  
Related Course: User Interface Design  2 weeks Dec 2017
User Analysis
User Group
Ahaya presents creative ideas mainly through images. Users can ask others to add ideas to their pictures, or add their own ideas to others’. The target user group is people who are fond of design and originality.
User Demand
There are limitations on everyone’s ideas. The combination of different people’s ideas will create various new ideas, surprising the creators.
屏幕快照 2019-01-10 18.14.27.png
屏幕快照 2019-01-10 18.14.44.png
屏幕快照 2019-01-10 18.14.37.png
User Portrait
From Communication University of China, male, game design major; has a refined taste, picky character and a lot of ideas


1 Willing to see high-quality inspiration collisions, brainstorming from master collaborations

2 Refusal to cooperation like draft line drawing, or coloring

3 Rejecting the unprofessional to make random creations in his own works. If they want to re-create, they must have corresponding skills and experiences, and they must not create without showing respect to his works.

4 If you want to invite different artists to do a collaborative creation, due to their strong personal style, the work must be sufficiently inclusive. Artists are more likely to conflict than ordinary people because they already have their own ways to make a creation.

5 I have to convince him of the aim of making this product, how lightweight it is, what effect it has after getting lightweight, what are the product’s target group, what kind of benefits it will bring, the attributes of this product – a platform or community.


1 I analyzed the original thought of the product. The behavior is that he wrote a story to me, which suggests that he likes my work. He has produced a mastery of the art, with the impulse of wanting to write a piece of text or something for your stuff. Key point: Under the premise that the previous profit is not clear, the core guarantees the quality of the work, thus inspiring the user’s subjective will to create.

2 Core user positioning: in line with product highlights, Artists who love sharing, Designers, Illustrators, Need to find inspiration, brainstorming careers, Love art, Students with interests in life.

3 Learn about the invitation mechanism to ensure product quality.


From Business School of Renmin University of China, Male, 20 years old, Publicity Department of the school union, able to find the materials of design from websites, Love the literature and art full of wisdom


1 He likes that a story has different endings, just like the endings of Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy.

2 Hopes to see different extension directions of the original work on the same page.

3 Thinks it is interesting to see others’ ideas. It reminds him of an activity held in the university, where everyone can write a story in line with a poem or a theme, and finally, the best work is selected through voting.

4 Hopes to simply the work (so that it can be applied to mobile phones). At least the text can be edited and uploaded directly on the phone, similar to the “composing the story according to a picture”. If his creative idea can be posted on the work, he hopes the categories on the work can be more detailed (for example, a detailed list of help needed, the style of the matching picture).

5 The most expected part of this product lies in the collaborative process. Because he does not major in art, there is always a place for improvement. He hopes to see what his idea will develop into with the help of others.


From the Department of Drama Director of The Central Academy of Drama, Female, 21-year-old, lazy and does not like rules, prefer an open ending while writing a script. The expectation towards our products lies in the form of presenting the collision of different ideas.

 Opinions & inspirations

1 She had read the magazine YiLin in junior high school. It had a section where famous writers wrote the first half of the story. In the next issue, the story of the reader's versions would be published.

2 She also expects something from the re-creation of pictures and videos. even if it is the simplest photography works of her own, she expects that a professional can help to color. Or as for the same short film, different people can edit different versions of the 10s trailer.

3 She also hopes the product can be applied in a simple way. The main expectation of this product is in its widened inspiration. It would be great if the processing result of the product can be viewed easily (similar to the Meitu Xiu Xiu app). Once a click, users can view the different versions of the modification and re-creation.

4 She did not give specific suggestions on the music of the product because the impression on music was too subjective. She thought it was easy for us to make the soundtracks for the image-texts, just like the soundtracks of a game. However, she was afraid of our soundtracks being plagiarized.


Function Analysis

1. Using pictures (multimedia) with text description, users can initiate tasks and invite others to reinvent or take part in design activities in other fields.

2. Take part in official theme activities, having a collision of diverse ideas

3. For other users’ works, you can edit, view, add to favorites, comment, or send the authors private messages.

4. Follow your favorite artists, build an artist-and-artist connection.

Custom Preset的副本.png
Custom Preset的副本 2.png

LOGO consists of three of the simplest geometries.

Infinite combinations of the triangle, the rectangle, and the circle can form thousands of shapes.

The overall design is yellow, full of creativity and vitality.

iPhone 8 Copy 7.png
iPhone 8 Copy.png
Custom Preset.jpg

A platform of high-quality works

A collaborative posting community

A collision of diverse ideas

Only for you

A source of inspirations for artists

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