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Little Star

One night when I was walking on the road, I looked up and saw a whole sky of cute stars which seemed to be smiling at me. I wanted to reach out to touch the stars and hear the sound of the stars.

So I wanted to create a combined interaction of touch, sight, and hearing.

A total of seven little stars can produce the sound of seven scales as do re mi fa so la xi.  

 A music light interactive device

Design Draft

图片 1.png

Physical Map


Interactive Action: touch

Touching each little star can make it brighten and make the sounds of seven scales.

Touching the top sensor can make it play a complete song, while the seven little stars can also generate an effect of breathing light and flowing water lightly.

Technical Program

Adopt the system framework of Arduino and max






Duration:  1 week    Dec 2017

Related Course: HCI Technology and Applications

# Arduino&Max MSP    # Interactive Installation    # Music Lighting  
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