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“So You Think You Can Dance” is a multi-player cooperative music creation puzzle game, guests can choose between different loops and see their character dance. The goal is to get the three magic combinations!  
Producer: Xi Li
Programmers: Shiva Kannan, Mera Tegene
Artists: Simon He, Shuqi Wang
Music and Sounds: Xi Li, Shiva Kannan 
Platform: Desktop and Xbox Controllers
Tools: Unity ( C#), Logic ProX, Blender, Photoshop
Duration: 3 Weeks    Dec 2019
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The team was tasked to create a very engaging game catered towards the BVW festival which happens every fall at CMU ETC. We quickly gave ourselves a bunch of constraints to start working with : 
* Multiplayer     * Cooperative     * Music Creation 
One of our inspirations for the game was an app called Incredibox (mobile music sequencer application).
We took this concept to the next level by gamifying music creation and making it a fun MasterMind like a puzzle to solve. After close to 3 big iterations we ended up with a 3 player game where each guest is assigned a character whom he/she chooses a music loop to make his character dance. The guests get 12 rounds to guess 3 correct combinations that will make all their characters do a coordinated dance.

Producing: Communicated across roles. Organized playtests. Receive feedback and iterated based on the feedback received. 
Themed design:  Designed activity for guests in queue. Designed theming plan and related materials.
Music and audio: Composed the music and sound effect for the game. Recorded speech for the tutorial.
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