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Motion Control Game
If you have an unrealistic dream
like catching a star
What would you do?
Brief Intro

FANCY is a motion-sensing game, where somatosensory technology and sensors are applied. It creates authenticity by combining dreamy things with reality to have an immersive experience.

The players need to act according to the hints, such as raising their arms, watering, jumping side to side, stretching hands to catch the stars. In the interaction with installations, the players will have an immersion experience, having fun and releasing themselves. They will get to understand that pursuing dreams needs the right approaches, efforts, and a little luck, and pluck up the courage to seek their own star.

Interaction Workflow
Wave hands to enter the game
 Water the tree
The weight change of water will make the sapling grow up.
Jump to get onto the clouds
Touch the stars and grab them
Test Demo
Exhibition Photos
 One week's
exhibition on campus :)
Child took photo with our poster
Players experiencing our game
Friends came to visit
Me & My Partner
Contributions: Engineering and programming; Animation and fabrication; Theming design    Apr-May 2018
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