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Boston Dynamics/
Escape Room Experience

  Interaction Designer, Associate Producer

Experience Design, Project Management, UX Design, Level Design, Hardware Technology

HotSpot is partnering with Boston Dynamics to create an innovative location-based experience,
 Our team aims to explore and create an entertaining experience for Spot, a nimble robot designed for various functional purposes. We’re building a compelling game where Spot not only interacts with the physical space but also connects with humans emotionally, leveraging Spot’s mobility and dog-like appearance.


Immersive Audio Experience

Programmer, Designer / Solo Project

Sound Design, Unity Development, 2D & 3D Art, Location Based

Star Fall is an immersive audio experience designed for a three-screen projection environment with 5.1 surround sound. It was designed and developed in Unity3D, LogicPro, IR Remote Hardware.
Following the journey of a little star falling from the sky, the guest uses a pointer to interact with the magic world. 

VR Game

Sound Designer, UX Designer

Storytelling, Level Design, Sound Design, UX

Life of the Rose is an interactive VR story about love and sacrifice, allowing the guests to protect a rose by completing a sequence of body actions detected by trackers. It is presented through VR (HTC Vive). 

Interactive Space

Programmer, Designer/ Solo Project

Rapid Prototyping, Interaction Design, Hardware Programming, UX

ANGER is an interactive experience designed through Arduino and Processing(JAVA). It leads to players' thoughts over anger by allowing players to give full vent to anger in room A, and get to see the consequence of their acts in another room. It is exhibited in Beijing, China, in 2019.

IOS Development

Programmer / Solo Project

Software Development, Prototyping, XCode(Swift)



Graphic Designer

Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, AE, AI


Little Star

Programmer, Designer

Interactive Installation, Arduino, MaxMsp


Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh/
Interactive Fashion

  Experience Designer, Creative Technologist

Experience Design, UIUX Design, Industrial Design, Hardware/Software Programming

IF is partnering with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to create an interactive and e-textile experience about fashion for middle school children. IF provides visitors the opportunity to play with wearable technologies that trigger communication between sounds and lights when they interact with each other or with the environment.

Interactive Installation

 Sound Designer, Producer

Game Production, Sound Design, Hardware, UX Installation, Fabrication, Interaction Design

Starry Dream is an educational "blowing" multiplayer 2D game based on Phidgets. Players need to collaborate to make the stars fall at a specific position to achieve a constellation.  It is selected to exhibit at 2019 CMU ETC Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.

Wheelchair Game

Programmer, Interaction Designer

Rapid Prototyping, Interaction Design, Hardware Programming, UX

ChairJam is a three-day Game Jam / Hardware Hackathon to create interactive experiences which highlight a sense of joy around wheelchair use. We created a maze navigating experience that requires the guest to be blindfolded, relying only on haptic feedback for guidance.

Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 3.26_edited.png

Mobile App Design

 UI UX, Motion Designer

UIUX Design, Graphic Design, Product Innovation

AHAYA is a mobile application for people who are fond of design and originality, providing a platform for sharing ideas in the form of images and collaborating on artworks.  

Promotion Advertisement

UX, Motion Designer

Motion Graphic Design, HTML/CSS

Service Design

UI UX designer

UX Research, User Experience Design

Choice Box

Programmer, Designer

Motion Graphics
图片 1 22.18.46.png

VR Experience

Designer, Programmer

Experience Design, Level Design, 3D Art, Hardware Programming, Installation, Location Based

ILLUME is a VR installation that combines Chinese paper sculpture projection, the sensor device with virtual reality.  The theme is the Mid-Autumn Festival, guests can experience many traditions just like in a real temple fair, many interactions in the VR world will have a corresponding response in the physical world.   he Project won the honor of Best Graduation Design Project and was exhibited in University Gallery, Beijing, 2019

Motion Control Game

Programmer, Designer

Interaction Design, Animation, Hardware/Software

Fancy is an interactive storytelling game presented through Kinect and Arduino. It combines video animation and physical interaction to simulate a catching star story in a dreamy and starry room.
It was exhibited at the 3rd LongLi International New Media Art Festival, Guizhou, China, 2018.

Music Game

Sound Designer, UX Designer

Game Production, UX Design, Level Design, Sound Design

So You Think You Can Dance is a multi-player cooperative music creation puzzle game, guests can choose between different loops and see their character dance. The game is selected to exhibit at 2019 CMU ETC Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.

Creative Game

Programmer /  Solo Project

Interactive Installation, Hardware/Software programming

Help Alice

Help Alice is an interactive game presented through MaxMSP, Arduino (Java). 

Data Visualization

Motion Designer

Motion Graphic Design, Animation, C4D 3D Art

XR Experiences

Sound Designer, UX designer

Sound Design, Game Design, Unity3D, Logic Pro

Interactive Installation, Arduino

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