Motion Graphics
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Boston Dynamics/

Escape Room Experience


Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh/

Interactive Fashion

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VR Experience/


Experience Design, Project Management, UX Design, Level Design, Hardware Technology

HotSpot is partnering with Boston Dynamics to create an innovative location-based experience,

 Our team aims to explore and create an entertaining experience for Spot, a nimble robot designed for various functional purposes. We’re building a compelling game where Spot not only interacts with the physical space but also connects with humans emotionally, leveraging Spot’s mobility and dog-like appearance.

Interaction Design, UIUX Design, Industrial Design, Hardware/Software Programming

IF is partnering with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to create an interactive and e-textile experience about fashion for middle school children. IF provides visitors the opportunity to play with wearable technologies that trigger communication between sounds and lights when they interact with each other or with the environment.

Starry Dream

 Installation / sound designer, producer, fabricator 

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Interaction Design, Level Design, Sound Design, Programming, 3D Art, Installation, Location Based

ILLUME is a VR installation that combines Chinese paper sculpture projection, the sensor device with virtual reality.  The theme is the Mid-Autumn Festival, guests can experience many traditions just like in a real temple fair, every interaction in the VR world will have a corresponding response on the physical world.
"reunion, harmony, and gratitude”

So You Think You Can Dance 

Game / sound designer, producer


Kinect Installation / artist, programmer


Interactive Space / solo project

Chair Jam

Installation / programmer, designer

Life of the Rose

VR / sound designer

Toothless Monster

ios Game / programmer, solo

Help Alice

Installation / programmer, designer


APP / UI UX, motion designer

Data Visualization

Graphic / UI UX, motion designer


Service Experience / UI UX designer


XR Experiences / sound & UX designer

Magic Box

Installation / programmer, designer


Graphic / artist

Promotion Advertisement

H5 Game / UI UX, motion designer

Little Star

Installation / programmer, designer