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" What you illume is the reality "
Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese cultural festival. We want to carry forward the spirit of "reunion, harmony and gratitude" of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and create a beautiful scene similar to a temple fair to create an immersive experience for the players.
At the same time, with the development of science and technology, the boundaries between the virtual world and reality are becoming increasingly blurred. Each of our seemingly ostensible actions in the illusion will have a corresponding response in the real world—we are not dreaming, instead, we are pursuing our dreams in reality. We want to tell everyone that the virtual world and the real world are not mutually antagonistic. They can exist at the same time, and influence each other to create together.
We have built a bridge between the virtual world and reality. We hope that every participant can experience the fantasy of the virtual world and also appreciate the beauty of the real world.
Exploring the coexistence of people in the virtual world & the real world
《illume》孙祎婧 李希毕设 .001.jpeg
Untitled Diagram.png
《illume》孙祎婧 李希毕设 的副本.001.jpeg
《illume》孙祎婧 李希毕设 的副本.002.jpeg
《illume》孙祎婧 李希毕设 的副本.003.jpeg
《illume》孙祎婧 李希毕设 的副本.004.jpeg
​current model
current model
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